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Maand: september, 2011

TreinFlirt.nl (Health)

What is it..

This is a website for people who want find back their ‘trainflirt’ because they are lost that people of sight.

Why is this cool..

Because people, these days, travel a lot with the train so it’s not weird to sometimes see someone that you like. Nowadays people are a lot more shy to talk to a stranger and they are a lotmore spontaneous when they first can talk to a person through the internet. So ‘TreinFlirt.nl’ is for people who are a little shy in real life



The voice of Holland App (Health)

What it is..

This is an app for your smartphone where you can participate with the coaches of the television programme ‘The voice of Holland’ with only one push on the button.

Why is it cool..

  • This is a cool, new app because in this time people always have a opinion about everything and now you can express your opinion in a big television programma. It’s also capably that it’s a app for your smartphone because nowadays a lot of people use a smartphone so a lot of people can use this app
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Vraag Anna (Health)

What is it..

This is a automated online assistant from the store IKEA where you can ask questions about IKEA.

Why is it cool..

It’s a whole new concept on a site for a store. It’s cool because people in this time are very busy and when they have a question about IKEA they most of the time only can call for questions at worktime so this is much easier.

You can also use this assistant on your mobile phone so people can everywhere ask questions.