Let’ssssss Pizzaaaaa (Leisure)

door rachellos

What it is..

The Dutch company A1 has created a concept for the first pizza machine! By means of a laser oven you can get in less than 3 minutes a fresh pizza with a choice of four different toppings.

Designed by Italian Claudio Torghele and soon at the market in America, but hopefully soon in the Netherlands.

That would be nice, instead of candy and soda, a crispy pizza to-go!

 Why is it cool..

This machine is cool because it is innovative. It is a very new thing on the market. In this society, everyone is busy, no one has time and many people are on the move.

For these people it is perfect. You are waiting only 3 minutes, you don’t have to sit in a restaurant and there are no employees needed.

It is quite an experience such a machine. Especially because it is new and strange. People buy a pizza especially for the experience

I think eventually there are many more such devices in the future