High heels for men (Appearance)

door rachellos

What is it?

Tom Cruise and Lenny Kravitz have them already. And also David Bowie and Nicolas Sarkozy have this shoes in their closet. The men heels!

Years ago these shoes where a status model. How higher the heel, how bigger was your status. But they are back and better than before.

The men heels are a lot more coarse than women heels en the heels are easier.

Dior has already a men heel in his collection and they say that heels for men are the new shoes.

I have my doubts but we will see what the future brings..

Why is it cool?

This is cool because this is a good example of a androgynous thing. This is when men or women take over a standard thing from the other gender. It is a whole new thing in this time and a whole transformation.