Gardening in the city, do it yourself (Living)

door rachellos

What it is..

For the people in the city, there was no therapeutic activity like gardening until now!

Especially for the people in the city is something designed so that they can also gardening, without mess!

With this new hanging garden, people in the city, with little space, can also gardening their own herbs and vegetables without using soil or water.

This concept design uses tubes and a nutrient reservoir to effectively grow healthy plants.

The roots hang within the tube. Instead of watering, you only have to press a pump a few times a day.

Why is it cool..

More and more people are living in the city and have little or no space to grow vegtables and herbs themselves. They must therefore at the store.

These herbs and vegetables have a long way behind. The longer the supply circuit, the worse for the environment.

It is sustainable when you can grow these things at home. This product helps to contribute to the sustainability of this world.