Little little printer.. (Human Movement)

door rachellos

What it is..

This is the Little Printer.

Little Printer is a printer for the smartphone and it print mini-newspapers from what you want. Your appointments, shopping lists or updates from your friends, they all can be printed with the Little Printer when you press the button.

Little Printer holds a compact and inkless printer.

It’s constructed in high-gloss plastic and the faceplate holds the paper.

This is especialy for the Urban Nomads because they always on the move for their work and they all work a lot on their smartphones.

Why is it cool..

The Little Printer is a cool new printer. Up to now there where only big printer for your computer or laptop that can’t be moved.

Nowadays there a lot of Urban Nomads that ‘work on the street’ and the little printer is really a progress businessworld and really inovative