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French fries, chicken nuggets and pancakes.. Bleeeh! (Food)

What it is..

Does this sound familiar? You’re eating with your child, you open de menu in the restaurant and you’ll see the standard children’s menu, French fries, chicken nuggets and applesauce.

Smulpaapje is a website where you as parants can find restaurants with ‘real’ food for children. Important factors here are that the food is homemade and it is fresh and healthy. These factors are often more important than price.

 Why it is cool..

The website Smulpaapje is a cool and innovative website. It is the first website in the Netherlands that focuses on this theme. It’s very different than other websites intended for children.

This website caters to the trend Functionality because for parents it isn’t more an extensive search but it’s all avaiable at one website!


From roof to plaid.. (Food)

What it is..

Dakboerin designs vegetable gardens on roofs, especially in urban areas. She contruct the gardens on the roof and maintains it if you want. From roof to plaid!

A roofgarden has all the advantages of a regular roof insulation, rainwater capture, habitat for insects and birds, but also to take healthy food products.

Why is it cool..

The roofgardens are cool because they are healthy and durable.

Dakboerin uses organic seeds and seedlings, fruit trees and berry bushes.

For the calculation of roofgardens, construction of the substrate, applying for permits and grants, designing the barn, hives or mobile chicken coop, Dakboerin works together with other experts.


Glowi Sushi (Food)

What it is..


This is the latest food craze in America, Glow in the dark sushi.

This sushi is made from genetically modified fish and is avaiable in a choice of weird colours. Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Oranje, Cosmic Blue and Galactic Purple. First this fish was only avaiable for purchase in pet shops but later the fish was ‘funny’ for consumption.


Why is it cool..


This new kind of sushi is really innovative, special and new. It’s also an experience for people to eat this sushi.

Green graffiti (Living)

What it is..

This is Green Art. Artist Anna Garforh from London has found a whole different way than decorate walls with graffiti. She prefers to do this in places where no mass passes run.

Why is it cool..

Unlike graffiti eco architecture has absolutely no adverse effects on the environment. It’s a new way of making art. Cities get graffiti off the wall, this costs time and money. This form of art in line with the trend Sustainable Design Innovation


Volet Vegetal (Living)

What it is..

This is a solution for people That live in upper floor apartments. When you live here, you usually have no garden. Volet Vegetal has invented a mini garden That you can mount against your windowsill and suspend by a pulley system, installed near the top two corners of the panels.

Why is it cool..

At the moment a lot of people are living in upper floor apartments and don’t have a private garden

This is a solution for the people who love gardening. You can also grow your own vegetables. This is better than when you buy the vegetables in the supermarket

That vegetables have a long way behind. The longer the supply circuit, the worse for the environment.

It is sustainable when you can grow these things at home. This product helps to contribute to the sustainability of this world.


Gardening in the city, do it yourself (Living)

What it is..

For the people in the city, there was no therapeutic activity like gardening until now!

Especially for the people in the city is something designed so that they can also gardening, without mess!

With this new hanging garden, people in the city, with little space, can also gardening their own herbs and vegetables without using soil or water.

This concept design uses tubes and a nutrient reservoir to effectively grow healthy plants.

The roots hang within the tube. Instead of watering, you only have to press a pump a few times a day.

Why is it cool..

More and more people are living in the city and have little or no space to grow vegtables and herbs themselves. They must therefore at the store.

These herbs and vegetables have a long way behind. The longer the supply circuit, the worse for the environment.

It is sustainable when you can grow these things at home. This product helps to contribute to the sustainability of this world.




I introduce you to women heaven-on-earth; Glossybox

Glossybox is a monthly box with every month 5 beauty items in it.

Glossybox.nl will send you the box and you can try the newest and latest beauty products at your own home for only €12,50. Removers, lipstick or a nailpolish, the box is every month different so you never know what you can expect in it.

After every month you can criticize the products and with every criticize you save point. With enough points you get a box for free.

So go to www.Glossybox.nl and order a box!

High heels for men (Appearance)

What is it?

Tom Cruise and Lenny Kravitz have them already. And also David Bowie and Nicolas Sarkozy have this shoes in their closet. The men heels!

Years ago these shoes where a status model. How higher the heel, how bigger was your status. But they are back and better than before.

The men heels are a lot more coarse than women heels en the heels are easier.

Dior has already a men heel in his collection and they say that heels for men are the new shoes.

I have my doubts but we will see what the future brings..

Why is it cool?

This is cool because this is a good example of a androgynous thing. This is when men or women take over a standard thing from the other gender. It is a whole new thing in this time and a whole transformation.

Vespertine’s Sashay (Appearance)

What is it..

The Vespertine’s Sashay is a safety scarf that light up in the dark so you are safe when the night comes..

Why is it cool..

This is cool because we all know the yellow, big and ugly safety vest and we all don’t like to wear that. This is a new, nice varitation on that sagety vest. It’s potential growth because safety is the imporantest thing in life, we all know, but we all take a risk in a dark walking without one. This scarf is a revolution so all de fashionable people also wear a safety vest in the future!